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Advanced Features and Functions

Free Unlimited Keywords

Most of our competitors charge a fee to "reserve" each keyword each month. Often, the desired keyword has already been reserved and is not available for you to use. Imagine if you were a pizza restaurant and you couldn't reserve the keyword "PIZZA"! Seems like a big deal, right? With Connections you have an unlimited number of keywords you can create and assign to your account, without having to check availability or pay a fee to reserve the keyword.

Response Matching

Within each survey question is the ability to match the incoming response to a list of possible matches. The match rule for the question determines one or many actions that can occur, such as; Assigning the subscriber to a specific group, Removing the subscriber from a group, sending a text message to a specific number with a custom message, Redirecting the subscriber to a different survey and/or question, and even posting the incoming message to a Slack channel.

Coupon Code Generation and Usage Counting

Assigning a subscriber a unique code to use (in as many ways as you can think of, Coupon Codes, Discount Codes, Membership Codes, etc) is possible through any survey question. The code is calculated before the survey question is sent, or when a response comes in to the question. It is possible for you to send a text blast to a subscriber group in which each subscriber is sent a unique code. There is a Usage Count available within the sytem where you can locate the subscriber and update their use of the code by 1 (or decrease it's use count if you prefer). The possible uses are endless. A coupon code which can be redeemed within the store and marked as used within the system so it effectively cannot be used again. The ability to require passwords to enter events. The ability to setup Custom Unique Codes and keep track of their usage is truly a unique and advanced feature provided by Connections.

Group Message Scheduling

Recurring message scheduling to specific subscribers in a group means you set it up once and it will continually send your message to the group, on the scheduled date/time, to all active group members at that time. That means group membership can grow or shrink over time and your scheduled message will always send to the active members within the group. There is no limit to the number of groups you can have or the number of subscribers in a group.


Automation is what Connections is all about. There are several ways you can utilize automation within your messaging strategy. Here are some possible automations:

When a keyword comes in from a new subscriber:

  • the subscriber can be added to a specific group (like "New Subscribers").
  • the subscriber can be sent the first question of a survey:
  • - it could be a data collection survey asking them for their contact information.
  • - it could be a favorite preference survey asking them their favorite pizza.
  • - it could be a notification template announcing a new product in stock.

When a reply comes in to a survey question:

  • their response can be saved to a custom field.
  • a unique code can be generated for them and sent back to them.
  • the subscriber can be added to a specific group.
  • the response can be a different question in the survey.
  • a rule match may trigger a response to their incoming message:
  • - they could be assigned to another group.
  • - they could be sent a question that is a later question in the survey.
  • - they could be sent a question from another survey.
  • - they could be removed from a specific group.
  • - they could be assigned a tag.

Custom Fields

Capture unique individual pieces of information about each of your subscribers through survey questions. Creating custom fields appropriate to the type of information you want to capture about your subscribers is easy with Connections. You simply assign a custom field to a survey question and the response sent in by the subscriber will be stored in the assigned custom field for that subscriber. This makes it possible to build a knowledgbase of information about every subscriber in your account, and to target specific subscribers based on their custom field values through the use of a filter you define. Say hello to more personalized and targetted campaigns.

Custom Filters

Targetting specific subscribers based on their custom field values is a premiere feature offered within every bulk sending campaign setup. The capabilities are endless. You can build a daily campaign to send a birthday message to every subscriber whose birthday matches the current date. Tracking subscriber information in date and numeric formats means you can use those dates and values in a custom filter, you define, to be used in the target audience selection for a recurring bulk campaign. This opens up filtering for anniversaries, rating responses, customer preferences, and so many other response types you collect from your subscribers.


With Connections we offer the ability to merge, not only the subscriber's name, but also any custom field (see above), within each outgoing message! This is what business intelligence and "Connecting" is all about!

The Connections Message Library

Let's say you need to send a quick message about store hours changing and you have a moment of writer's block. You struggle to come up with the words to convey your message. The Connections Library offers a multitude of message templates at your finger tips! Categorized by message type so you can easily find the one that fits the occasion. You can add to the template library at any time as well, building your own library of messages to help save you precious time.

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