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Connections makes it easy to send personalized marketing messages to large groups of customers, with the ability to segment the target audience based on past answers to survey questions.

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Our customers include businesses and organizations. From retail businesses, churches, universities, schools, political campaigns, to baseball teams, soccer teams, boy scout groups, kite surfing clubs, and more.

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All plans include these features:

Fully automate the message response to an incoming keyword or survey answer.
Data Collection
Collect customer information from your subscriber's response to a survey question.
Custom Fields
Save your subscriber's survey answers to specific custom fields for future personalized messages.
Utilize groups to segment and target specific audiences for smarter, more relevant text campaigns.
MMS Marketing
Create a vibrant experience for your customers by adding pictures to your messaging.
Mass Texting
Schedule and send bulk texts, alerts, or even surveys to specific groups of subscribers.
Text to Win
Grow your subscriber base by hosting contests or sweepstakes that customers can send a text to enter.
Text to Vote
Gain valuable feedback from customers by sending surveys and polls via text.
Threaded Conversations
Engage your subscribers with direct real-time responses to their messages.
Zapier Integration
Automate tasks by connecting Connections to your favorite apps.
Push notifications directly to your Slack channel based on a subscriber's incoming response to a question.
Rollover Credits
Rollover credits always, not just for a limited time!
Web Forms
Let your fans opt in to your text messages right from your website using a simple form.
Response Triggers
Build your own custom dialogue flow with response matching and question or survey redirects.
Quick Data Drill-downs
Enjoy our unique interface that makes it easy to drill-down into the details of every Group, Keyword, Survey, Subscriber and more.

Automated Personalization

Advanced Response Intelligence

Hyper-Targeted Audience Segmenting

Real-Time Results Monitoring

SMS Messaging

Utilize SMS messaging to send
765 character text-based messages.

MMS Messaging

Utilize MMS messaging to send
images, videos or animated images.

Text Marketing For Businesses of All Sizes

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